Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 19, 2018

Dear Parents,

A happy and relaxing Monday for Kinder 1. We are missing Mason, Ryan and Eduard today! Hope you are taking a rest and eating healthy food at home. Please take care and hope to see you tomorrow in school, Ryan and Eduard! 

Today in Kinder 1, we:

  • Reviewed our Word Families -ab, -ad, -at, and -ap. We read "The Fat Cat." We underlined and circled words ending with -at and -ap. The kids chose their favorite sentence and rewrote it. They were able to illustrate the sentences into drawings. 
  • In Social Studies, we learned how to read a map. We used a guide map for our field trip to the zoo on the 29th! They are so excited to have this field trip that they mention it every day!
  • They had PE with Mr. McKeen after Nap time and Snack time.
  • In Math, we finished discussing and answering Go Math Pages 247-254. We are going to finish answering the remaining pages for Addition this week.
*Tomorrow is another day so please eat your healthy dinner and sleep well tonight! We are having Stations of the Cross at 8:05 AM. Please don't be late! 
** March 23, Friday, is DISK's Sports Day! Parents, you are all welcome to join us for lunch and have fun with your children! It's going to be a FUN-FILLED DAY!
*** March 29 will be our field trip to Shou Shan Zoo and we are so excited to see the animals and have fun with other kindergarten students! We are going to use the class fund so please don't submit any payment. Thank you!

Here are some pictures we took last Friday for Saint Paddy's Day. Enjoy them!

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