Monday, February 12, 2018

February 13, 2018

Hi Parents! Here are some important dates to remember: 
February 14, Wednesday- We will have our monthly Mass at 8:00 AM. You are welcome to join us.
February 15-25 will be our Chinese New Year break. NO classes on these dates.
February 26- Classes Resume
February 28- National Holiday. No classes on this day.

Today, we have finished reading "The Man" for our AN Word Family. I am glad that they can pronounce the words and read properly short sentences now. 

In Social Studies, we were able to tell the difference between Goods and Services. After discussing and explaining, they were able to sort out pictures that belong to goods and services. 

In Math, we answered Go Math Lesson 5.2: Addition as Putting Together.

I have uploaded some videos while they were reading. 

Here are some pictures that we took during Chinese New Year program. Enjoy!

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