Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 17, 2018


Link for our dance on February 9.
We will have Chinese New Year Program on February 9, Friday. Please practice this dance at home with your kids.

School has requested to please send me pictures of mom and child. The pictures must be candid like hugging your child, helping them tie their shoes, helping them how to read and write, baking and cooking with them, etc. Please send them to my email: jng@diskg.net or through LINE and Class DOJO. Thank you so much!

On Thursday (January 25), we will have movie day in school. The ticket prices are NT$70 each. I will use our class funds to pay for the movie. Popcorn will be given per ticket purchase.

Today, we had so much fun and enjoyed celebrating 100 Days of School!  Our students came to school wearing like 100 day old babies and 100 year old men and women. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who put effort and time to prepare these costumes. Some of our students got awards for completing their attendance (that means no absences for 100 days). I also gave them prizes for putting on their costumes! Thank you and enjoy the pictures!

Joseph dressed like a 100 Year Old Man! So cute!

We learned to spell and write the word funny because we looked so funny today!


Our 100 year old babies, Eduard, Elizabeth and Mason

Joseph looking like a grandpa

                                                        Our Beethoven in class

This old man

And this is me when I become 100 yrs old! Haha!

Our Cute Babies!

and...our little grandpas!

Sibling Love! They got perfect attendance!

Our dearest Jasmine!

Perfect Attendance Award

We all had FUN today!!!!

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