Monday, January 15, 2018

January 16, 2018

Today in Kinder 1 we:

8:00-8:30-  had Morning Social Development.
8:30-9:00-  had Outdoor Activity with Pre K.
9:00-9:15-  had Morning Snack Time.
9:15-9:45- had Phonics, learned to read and identify short i words and pictures.
9:45-10:00- learned to write uppercase I and lowercase i.
10:00-10:30- had Christian Living with Sr. Jean.
10:30-11:00- had ELA; learned to read, spell and write the word FUNNY.
11:00-11:45- had lunch at the cafeteria.
11:45-12:15- Social Development Time
12:15-1:30- had nap time.
1:30-1:50- had afternoon snack time.
1:55-2:40- learned how to count and order to 10; continued answering pages 199-201. Parents,     please practice writing 1-10 at home. Some of them still don't know how to write 1-10 randomly.
2:45-3:15- had Social Play.
3:15-3:30- Prep for Dismissal
3:30- Dismissal Time.

Please don't forget to wear like a 100 day old baby or a 100 year old man/woman tomorrow. Also, please don't forget to bring 100 items tomorrow. Any items will do. Thank you! Rest well so that you'll be full of energy tomorrow!

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