Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 13, 2017

Hi Parents and Students! We are now on the last few days of school before Christmas vacation starts. Everyone is so busy in school preparing for the DISK annual Christmas Program. In Kinder 1, our class was also busy rehearsing for the Nativity Scene and our class number. Here are some updates:

a. Tomorrow morning is our Christmas Mass. It starts at 8:05AM sharp. You are all welcome to join us.

b. There will be a rehearsal in the gym a few minutes after the Mass.

c. We will have picture taking for the yearbook at 2PM.

d. We will have Pizza Party and EXCHANGE GIFT in the afternoon after picture taking. You can bring your favorite food and share with the class tomorrow. Please don't forget to bring gifts worth NT$200-350. Most of the students already brought theirs. Thank you.

e. On Friday, our Christmas Program will start at 9AM sharp. Please be in school early so that we can prepare and change costumes. Nativity Scene will be the first in the program so please don't be late!

f. Christmas Vacation starts after the Christmas show. Classes resume on January 3, 2018, Wednesday.

This morning, we were able to harvest some plants that Pre-K planted months ago. The kids enjoyed picking the vegetables together with Pre-K and K2. Enjoy the pictures!

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