Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 17, 2017

* Announcement: Please come before 8AM on Monday for our Morning Assembly presentation. It is our turn to present this Monday and our virtue is HUMILITY. I already wrote your parts in the communication books. Please memorize and practice this weekend.

* Thanksgiving Lunch will be on November 23, from 11:30-1:00PM. You are all invited to come and join us! Please fill up the form that I attached in the communication books and kindly return them on Monday. For snacks and drinks, I suggest you bring some cookies or biscuits, chips, fruits, cupcakes, and juice for drinks. Thank you.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful field trip to Lin's Goat Farm in Dashu District, Kaohsiung City. Our students got to experience an encounter with goats and feeding them. We got to experience and tour the small farm with lots of trees and we got to feed some fish, too! Enjoy the pictures!

Eat healthy and rest well! Have a nice and happy weekend to all! See you on Monday!





May 2, 2018 Here are some pictures from our recent field trip at Tree Valley Farm in Tainan. Hope you'll enjoy them!!! ...